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I heard that you went out last night so much for staying home alone
You called me up at 3 am and said you needed a ride home
What am I to you, what's this game you put me through

You call me but don't wanna talk, I ask if everything's alright
You say you wanna be with me but then you go and pick a fight
You just come around whenever you are feeling down

You started a fire but you're scared of the flame
You say that you love me but you forget my name
In line for the ride but too scared to get on
You say you're an island but you're sad when I'm gone

You say one thing and do another I can't keep up with your lies
It's Friday night, your jacket's tight, I see the longing in your eyes
I'm not what you want, I'm just your story's default font

You stumble out into the night, I close the door and turn the key
I take my phone and block your number, finally set myself free
We were not the same, you were the match I am the flame

I've been here before
And it's always the same
I know who I am
And you're not gonna change


from The Last Laugh EP, released February 23, 2017



all rights reserved


Les Bombe Pops

Indie rock gang of queers, goofs, rapscallions, and ne'er-do-wells. Names and interests, and hairdos and other stuff that doesn't really matter. Vancouver BC most of the time.

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